evenings lately

Sukie Buns

You guys. These nights. These mornings! The weather! Evenings lately have been perfection.

Living in Missouri I’ve noticed several things. Number one being that “Hey howareyou” is still a standard Midwestern phrase rather than “Hey” and then later asking separately “So how are you?” Number two being that even the quietest people can strike up a conversation with a stranger about the humidity and the heat.

So this recent break in the heat wave has been a godsend. I’ve had the air conditioning off since Sunday and my windows down every night. This week I’ve pulled the sheets back, put on a light t-shirt and shorts, crawled into bed and have read until my eyes just will not stay open. The wind carries a cool breeze in every few minutes and the grasshoppers keep a steady beat outside. If I wake up in the middle of the night, it’s not the worst thing. I just listen for a few minutes and drift back off. The mornings have been cool and foggy, and I’ve been finishing my morning coffee in my bedroom book nook. The air smells sweet and again, this breeze, is heavenly. The nights are quiet and still.

I know seasons pass and the heat will come back, but I’m savoring every single minute of this.


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