drink this! schlafly summer lager

Schlafly Summer Lager

This beer is what my summer has looked like. Cool nights, calm, unassuming, and…quality. Just quality. Quality time relaxing, quality time baking in the sun listening to Frank Ocean, quality time cooking dinner every night, quality time kicking up my feet on the porch table, and quality time reading outside as it gets dark. This beer is just right for this summer. It’s a staple on my grocery list, and I really hope that this is a regular on their summer lineup.

All in all…
What is a summer lager supposed to taste like anyways? Well I certainly don’t claim to know, but if you’re looking for one start here. It’s not a stout so I can’t tell you all about how smooth and rich it is. It’s not a porter so I can’t tell you that it’s smoky. It’s not an IPA so I can’t tell you if the hops smell like grapefruit or pine cones. It’s not a pale ale so I can’t tell you how well they balanced the hops and malt. It’s not a Belgian so I can’t tell you that it smells like bread as it’s rising. It’s a lager, and it’s damn good.

Recommend to a friend?

Yes! 4.5%

Plus one?
For sure. Enjoy a few for one laid-back evening.

Get a six pack?
This is great for a six pack. Keep these in stock all summer long. You don’t have to think twice about having another as it’s affordable and low in ABV.

The Hops
The St. Louis Brewery – St. Louis, MO
Summer Lager

Schlafly Summer Lager


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