drink this! Flat 12 Cucumber Kölsch

Cucumber Kolsch

Last night I slept with the windows down and a down blanket on my bed again. I curled up under a second layer of fluffy blankets and had to put on my blue fuzzy robe (with yellow duckies on them of course) in the morning to fight off the chill in the apartment. Friends, even though it was back to a high of 88 today, fall is peeking through. I’m spending every last second of sunshine on my porch in a swimsuit with my sunglasses on and a beer in my hand.

Cucumber Kolsch

All in all…
True to its name, this definitely tastes like a light beer with cucumber slices dropped in. I’m not a fan of the aroma right before you take a sip, but this has a really pleasant aftertaste. As my boyfriend stated once, cucumbers are selfish. You add cucumbers to anything and they take over any other flavors present. It’s still a nice beer, and be aware that cucumber is very much everywhere. I wonder how this would compare to taking a regular kolsch and adding cucumber slices? Also…sidenote: have you tried putting cucumber slices on your eyelids late at night? God almighty what a delicious feeling.

Recommend to a friend?
If you’re adventurous give it a try. Plus, where else have you seen a cucumber beer?

Yep! 5.2%

Plus one?
I’ll have another, but I wouldn’t have one more after going to another style. Stick to this and this only.

Get a six pack?
Yes please on a hot summer day.

The Hops
Flat 12 Bierworks – Indianapolis, IN

Cucumber Kolsch

  1. G-LO said:

    Where have I had a cucumber flavored beer? Easy answer! Cigar City Cucumber Saison. Definitely odd. Had it a couple years ago and still don’t know what to make of it. Need to try it again.

    Once again, beautiful shots and a lovely review! Cheers!

  2. thebakeandbrew said:

    It’s an interesting concept, yeah? I would imagine that it can’t be that easy to get right and balanced.

    Thank you for your kind words (again)!

    • G-LO said:

      A fine point. I recall the Cucumber Saison tasting like a cucumber salad. I probably would have enjoyed it more if my friend wasn’t so busy mocking the whole concept behind the beer I was drinking. Then again, he was having a Habanero Jai Alai and was not too happy with it. But hey, you don’t if you’re gonna like it until you try it. Craft Beer can be quite the adventure. Ya gotta love it! 🙂

      And FYI, you’re very welcome!

  3. TastingNitch said:

    All of that sounds lovely, cucumbers (in beer or eye lid form) and cozy bath robes. ❤

    • thebakeandbrew said:

      Yes ma’am it is! By the way, I mentioned you to some beer podcasting buddies the other night. We were chatting about French craft beer and I mentioned that I unfortunately didn’t know of any and hadn’t been into craft beer when I lived in Paris. But I couldn’t remember your blog name at the time! Ack! Anyways, are you on Twitter? I’d love to send them your way.

      • TastingNitch said:

        Name dropping is always welcome! @TastingNitch Who are these buddies? I’d love to check em out. *sigh* I’ve had a hard weekend and could use some of that cucumber/robe treatment- ugh.


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