When it’s been three years since your last post…

Shoot y’all – it’s been forever. Three years to be exact…

I’ll be the first to admit I totally lost my passion for beer for a very, very long time. With moving to Wyoming (um my last post was when I had no idea when that was actually happening) and a change in the beer scene…this blog and this hobby was definitely the first thing to go. It was really, really hard to keep up my interest when Wyoming had to follow up the Indiana and St. Louis beer scene. And when the world introduced us to Bota Boxes (amirite?)

It was also getting very hard not to be self-conscious of the fact that because of the beer available here, I would only be able to drink and write about beers that everyone has already heard of and already had. When you went from getting Zombie Dust on the regular and being aware that the other beer bloggers in more metropolitan areas had access to hundreds of beers when I now had tens… But out-uniquing someone was never the point of The Bake & Brew, and it never should be. 

In the three years since I’ve been here, I’ve been blessed by an incredible life and one that has grown bigger and brighter than I actually could have imagined back in St. Louis and Indiana. There’s been…

Moving to the legit Wild West…

Photo Dec 26, 5 46 26 PM

Learning to adore the outdoors when before I thought that hiking was just “annoying walking”…

Photo Dec 26, 5 49 12 PM

Raising my dream dog (hi Zelda)…

Photo Dec 26, 5 49 20 PM


A wedding and an epic honeymoon…

Photo Dec 26, 5 49 01 PM

Traveling around the West with our dogs…

Photo Dec 26, 5 50 16 PM

The most beautiful country…

Photo Dec 26, 5 44 32 PM

Simply put, my life has done a complete 180 since we last talked. But I’ve been craving stouts, and hops, and barley…and of course my cookie cutters, mixing bowls, and measuring spoons for a while now. It’s time to come back home. After a lot of work and so many dog walks, it’s time to get back to The Bake & Brew. Hope to see you back here tomorrow for a brand new Bake & Brew feature of Big Sky Brewing’s Powder Hound.

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